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We specialize in corporate events and private parties

trap't Escape Room Adventures offers a unique team building experience. Our award winning escape rooms are ideal for corporate events looking to enhance synergy in the workplace. By placing employees in an environment where they must rely on each other, the result is a more cohesive team that works together more effectively. When teams play our rooms, communication and teamwork occurs naturally within the group. Individuals will step up to lead at different moments throughout the game, and ultimately everyone will have to work together escape.  Our 8,000 square feet of total space is ideal for your small or large corporate event or personal function. We have hosted groups as small at 10 people and as large as 90 people.

  • We have 3 large conference/party rooms that can be utilized before and/or after your Escape Room experience(s).
  • Each of these rooms has a 60" HDTV complete with a Chromecast, Cable and other connectivity options.
  • Our spacious reception area (also containing a 60" HDTV) and wide hallways provide additional space to set up tables and/or food.
  • Our entire space is connected to high speed Wi-Fi.
  • Our team can plan (or help you plan) your entire event. We can coordinate catering, photographers, music/DJs and transportation to and from our facility.
  • We have two large kitchenettes each with plenty of prep/counter space, a full size refrigerator, sink, microwave, toaster and coffee maker.
  • You can rent out our entire facility (or just the portion needed based on the number of people attending) for a full day or evening. (Minimum: three hours for the entire space.)
  • Corporate events and private parties can be scheduled outside of our normal business hours.
Please call us at (203) 569-0011 to book your event or for additional details

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