Portable Escape Games

Number of Players


Completion Time

60 Minutes

Difficulty Level

Available in the Orlando, Florida area Full 60-minute Escape Experiences in a compact portable size. Perfect for birthdays, corporate events & themed parties. Our games can be brought anywhere. Three portable Escape Games are available!
    • Bomb! (Harder Difficulty)
    • Jungle (Medium Difficulty)
    • Dead Man's Chest (Easy/Medium Difficulty)
Pricing (For distances more than 20 miles from Lake Nona, FL, surcharges may apply.)
    • Pricing for 1 round of each game
      • $300 for 1 game for 1.5 hours
      • $550 for 2 games for 1.5 hours ($50 discount)
      • $800 for 3 games for 1.5 hours ($100 discount)
    • Pricing for 2 rounds of each game
      • $550 for 1 game for 3 hours ($50 discount)
      • $1,050 for 2 games for 3 hours ($150 discount)
      • $1,500 for 3 games for 3 hours ($300 discount)

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You found a bomb in the center of the city. It’s so powerful that it will turn the entire city to dust if it detonates. The bomb is set to explode in 60 minutes.

The cities top bomb technician has examined the bomb, and has determined that it cannot be transported to the bomb lab. That leaves only one you and your team as the saviors of the city. You must defuse the bomb now.


Once upon a time there was a little monkey who played a game and got trapped inside of it. Now that you have arrives, the monkey has a chance to escape. Players will confront the God of the Jungle and will need to beat him at his own game to open the portal to save the monkey. Once opened, you have only 60 min before the portal is closed forever trapping you inside with the monkey!

Dead Man’s Chest

Adventurers, with the help of the spirit of an old pirate, seek to take possession of the treasure of the Dead Man’s Chest and ultimately, receive a totem that grants immortality.