★★★★★ - This place was awesome. My girlfriend and I did the abduction one last weekend and I must say it was fun but not too difficult that it was impossible to solve. The clues were given to us with no issue. The place is clean and the rooms were well ventilated but I have to say if there were more than six of us it would be too crowded and uncomfortable.

Amirah A, 4/20/18
★★★★★ - So much fun! Can't wait to go back and try another room.

Helene C, 4/16/18
★★★★★ - Great evening!! Really fun puzzles and challenges, the rooms were well done and the staff was very professional and helpful.

Cynthia D, 4/15/18
★★★★★ - We had SO MUCH fun!!! Challenging, exciting, and Alessandro was the BEST!

Kate T, 4/12/18