★★★★★ - Our company had a great time at Trap't. Games were clever and well thought out. Excellent team building opportunity. We will be going again in a few months.

MedSource Consultants, 1/17/18
★★★★★ - My daughter brought a group of friends here for her 12th birthday. Myself and 7 girls went in to the room. We did the Time Chasers room. I was a bit concerned that even with the promised hints, we'd be stuck in the main room for most of the hour given the girls were young and inexperienced at such games. However, Julia, our Game Master, was excellent at reading the room and providing hints when either clearly needed, or when we asked for them. That she remains unseen and heard, with the hints showing up on the tv screen in the room, leaves the group feeling like they are working through the challenge mostly unaided. Time Chasers had us in multiple rooms, so even if you have a group that moves faster than we did, you won't get bored. The hour time limit flies by. We also reserved the conference room for an hour after our experience, so we could fulfill the "party" feel, and ordered pizza to be delivered from Planet Pizza. They gave access to their fridge during the event. The conference room was perfect, with a wall of windows, so nicer than you'd expect. I look forward to bringing my family back when we gather for special occasions in the future. This is way more fun that going to a movie, and you come out feeling like you've done something *together*. Jill was busy getting others set up when we departed, but she followed up by email soon after. She was appreciative of our business, that I tidied up after our party in the conference room, and that I tipped Julia. Nice to be recognized for having chosen to visit!

Jen H, 1/14/18
★★★★★ - I booked my company's holiday party with trap't. Jill (the owner) was very easy to work with and willing to accommodate to our needs. With the large party, we were able to have exclusive use of the 3 rooms inside facility. The idea of trap't is exhilarating and a breath of fresh air in today's times. We are so fixated on technology and tools that make life easier, we sometimes forget to take a break from our cell phones and computers. All the rooms are very unique, as they are created from scratch and the brilliant brain of Jill's husband. It is definitely a challenge for all ages and really pushes your skills! Highly recommend for anyone looking for something "different" to do in the area!

Tiffany T, 1/16/18
★★★★★ - My first escape room experience and it was so much fun! I did the museum mayhem. Looking forward to trying out the other rooms!

Bernadette S, 1/13/18