★★★★★ - The location is a bit hard to find, but the search is certainly worth it. It is a fun and friendly atmosphere and the staff members are very helpful. The apartment building is a bit small, but I was surprised at how much they were able to fit in the space allotted. There were a lot of clues around, but unfortunately, my team and I were not able to get out in time. I would certainly come back to try again and maybe try some other rooms.

Bill J, 11/12/17
★★★★★ - We had a fantastic time in the Museum Mystery room! Really well designed, required a lot of thinking and some begging for clues! Would definitely love to come back here and try the other rooms. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a fun and different thing to do.

Jackie L, 11/11/17
★★★★★ - So much fun! Highly recommend it for anyone looking for something different and fun. Go with a group-you will have a great time!

Ellen D, 10/29/17
★★★★★ - We had a team of 8 and it was so entertaining and fun. We will definitely return for other rooms.

Shamese S, 10/29/17