Escape Room Reviews


★★★★★ - First time doing an escape room and it was very fun. Multiple rooms to go through, and each one posed it's own, interesting challenge.

John F, 8/30/2016
★★★★★ - I am from California and in town training for 2 weeks. I have done several escape rooms and this was up there with some of the better rooms. We did the escape from the mad man room.They just opened and I was pretty impressed with the ambience, props etc. The owners were very nice and showed us a sneak peak of their other rooms. You go through multiple rooms in each game which I definitely prefer over the single room games. I would definitely recommend and should I ever come back to Stamford, I would go again

Melissa K, 8/28/16
★★★★ - This was my first time ever doing one of these and it was AMAZING!!! My group was only 4 people and we all worked together to get to the next rooms. The set up in the rooms is very elaborate and detailed but not overly done to confuse everyone. They give you hints if you need it through tv screens but if you don't they will leave you on your own to figure it out. I would definitely come back here to do the other rooms. The couple who runs it are so sweet and helpful recommending other escape places in other states since we were from out of town.

Stefani T, 8/28/16