Escape Room Reviews


★★★★★ - I absolutely loved this! I did the Escape the Madman room escape here and it was so much fun. I have done other room escapes in CT but this one was fantastic. I loved the story line and the puzzles. The only problem was it was listed for 10 people and while we all definitely fit, a couple of the rooms were a little too small. I will absolutely do another room escape here and I recommend it to anyone else who is looking for something different to do and is interested in puzzles and clues.

Olivia V, 9/9/16
★★★★★ - This was the first time my boyfriend and I ever did an escape room and it was an amazing experience! We tried the Abduction room and we will definitely be back to try the Museum room! It was just the two of us but we made it out with one minute to spare. I highly recommend this escape room for anyone looking to try! The couple that owns it is super friendly and will give you clues if needed to help you solve the puzzles!

Danielle T, 9/10/16
★★★★★ - Great experience! Rooms have multiple steps to get out and puzzles are very well designed. Challenging but not too challenging! The staff is very nice and interact with you if you get especially stuck. Very clean space. We will be going back again to try different rooms!

Donald H, 9/10/16
★★★★★ - Abducted: Escape from the Madman is fantastic! My family has been to other escape rooms around the world and this one was absolutely top notch. We started in one room, then worked as a team to find the solution to unlock the door to the next room, then to the next room, etc. There are several rooms in Abducted: Escape from the Madman (and in all of the other escape rooms at trap't - we asked!) It was challenging, very well laid out, and very well thought out by the designers. We are looking forward to trying out Museum Mayhem next - we have already booked a date!

Genevieve P, 9/4/16