Escape Room Reviews


★★★★★ - This was truly a fun time. Each room in Escape the Madman got our team thinking more and more (sometimes over thinking), but provided a tough challenge. I'm planning to do some of the other rooms and bringing different groups of people as well. Had a blast.

Andrew M, 11/18/16
★★★★★ - We had a great time at trap't! Our team of 7 co-workers thoroughly enjoyed this team building experience. Stuart and Jill were so professional. The escape room is fun, with multiple rooms and innovative clues. We didn't make it out in time but we could feel Stuart rooting for us with helpful hints! Great fun for work or with friends,...

Kathy S, 11/17/16
★★★★★ - I loved completing these rooms. I was challenged but was able to complete the rooms while having a great time. I have told many of my friends about this facility. The owners are kind and create a very fun environment. Everyone should take an attempt in their rooms. Can't wait until they open another room!!! All the best luck!!

Ferdinando C, 11/14/16
★★★★★ - Such a great place!!! I had so much fun and I'll definitely come back to play more!!

Thalita R, 10/23/16