Escape Room Reviews


★★★★★ - We went to trap't for my son's 15th birthday party.  It was a great experience.  The owners are incredibly nice and professional.  Although this was our first escape room experience, I thought that the setup was fantastic and we liked how it was not just one room, but a series of rooms.  Would highly recommend trap't.

Samantha D, 10/2/16
★★★★★ - It's a was a great experience all around.  The people running it were super warm and welcoming, the actual escape room was a blast! I definitely recommend it.

Geremy B, 10/2/16
★★★★★ - We escaped the madman! The puzzles were so fun. Can't wait to try the museum!

Jamie A, 10/2/16
★★★★★ - Very cleverly done! We had a blast in the Museum and will definitely be back!

Diane M, 10/2/16