Escape Room Reviews


★★★★★ - We had a ton of fun at Museum Mayhem. Our host was gracious enough to make some last minute changes to accommodate us and we had such a blast! This was one of the nicest Escape Room venues we'd ever been to. It is spacious and clean with a great waiting area, and the rooms are well-maintained. I won't say much about the room itself but I'd highly recommend it and any other puzzle at this great spot. Thanks again!

Kelsey D, 11/30/19
★★★★★ - We’ve been here twice. The 2 best escape roos weve ever played and we’ve played a lot.

David D, 11/26/19
★★★★★ - Probably the best experience I’ve ever had. Encourages a lot of thinking and very surreal, I’m impressed!!

Katie R, 11/25/19
★★★★★ - Sooo much fun!!! I highly recommend.

Kimberlee M, 11/19/19