★★★★★ - “Awesome first escape room experience, wonderful owners” Our friend group had all heard that escape rooms were pretty fun, but none of us had ever been. We decided to change that by going to trap't and couldn't have been happier! We did the museum heist escape, which was fun and challenging. We stubbornly insisted on no hints/clues at the beginning, but when we gave in and decided we needed them, the operators knew just when to give them without being too obvious and still maintaining the challenge of the puzzles. After we finished, the owners greeted us and asked for our feedback and gave us a little debriefing, which was awesome. They were both super friendly and enthusiastic about what they do. The escape room was great, but it is even better to know that the people running it are so great. I would definitely come back again and recommend it to any friends in the area. The only thing to note is that the location is a little weird to get to, but we called to ask where to park and they told us exactly where to go.

Luke R, 4/3/17