★★★★★ - SO MUCH FUN! LOVED every minute of this place. Last weekend we did "Abducted: Escape from the Madman". We had so much fun we decided to go again this weekend and do their "Museum Mayhem" room. We are already counting down the days to their new room "Time Chasers". We came with a group of friends both times and could not stop laughing from beginning to end, we were just having so much fun. The puzzles are challenging and make you THINK outside the box! Also, unlike any other "escape room", trap't has multiple rooms per game that you must escape from. So you're not in one room for an entire hour, you are constantly moving and thinking and having FUN. The facility is super modern, clean and easy to get to. The owners, husband and wife, are great. They are friendly, welcoming and enthusiastic. I highly recommend coming here with friends/family for an hour of absolute fun. It's an escape from reality, work, life... and you're thrown into an amazing adventure. GO, GO, GO! You will be SO glad you did!

Angela Z, 5/5/17