★★★★★ - I was the first one I've done. Went with 3 other couple friends for my birthday. We had a 5:15 appointment and we did the Abducted room. It was so much fun. Each of us contributed something unique and it was a really engaging experience. We ended up finishing with 9 minutes left and all of us felt giddy and amped up afterward. It felt like quite the accomplishment. We did have some hints - but our game master guide person said we needed far fewer clues than most groups. (Yay us!) And there was a group in the other room who didn't make it out on time. (Maybe they didn't ask for enough clues?). I really loved it. I definitely want to go back and do the other room(s). And because of the timing, we easily made our 6:30 dinner reservations around the corner and missed the big rush. It made for a great night! I highly recommend!

Ellen S, 8/6/17