★★★★★ - We've done a number of escape rooms and, as a whole, this one was exceptional. Pros / Cons - The Room: The game we did was great for a larger group, however it's a hard game and would be nearly impossible to complete without hints in an hour. Personally, I would make it just a little more intuitive so that groups don't struggle and need hints the entire game. But the story was good and we had a good time. The Staff: The staff we talked to were fantastic! They took the time to chat with us on personal level before and after the game. We love what they're doing (these are game enthusiasts who understand that this is an entertainment industry experience). They helped us through hints when we needed and generally made it a great experience. The Location: While a little off the beaten path, the location is fine. However having to call a number to have someone come open the door for us was less than ideal. The lobby was full of mind and dexterity games and is inviting. I would definitely recommend trap't but I'm not sure I'd send first time escape gamers... this one is for the experienced!

CopperLeah, 10/8/17