★★★★★ - 15 year old daughter’s Birthday party -  We held our daughter's 15th birthday party here, in the Time Chasers Room. I had no idea what to expect. I was so overwhelmed how creative and interesting the Time Chasers room was. The intellectual challenge was quite involved. It was cleverly thought out and visually exciting. The kids were great and really worked together, which was so wonderful to see. The pace of the room was very exciting. It was very fast moving and an hour seemed like 5 minutes. As the "Adult" in the room, I could sit back and observe all the intricacies of the clues and the high level of creativity and thought, that went into making this experience a fun and rewarding time for any age. (teenager and up, I would think). The group had a fantastic time! We had a birthday party, afterward in a very pretty and clean spacious room. The owners provided food and drinks that we pre-ordered and paid for. It all worked out perfectly. It was seamless for us, and most appreciated.

Elizabeth B, 1/9/18