★★★★★ - Huxley VR and it's absolutely mind blowing world! I am writing this review from the perspective of an escape room enthusiast and the Huxley VR game was 51st escape game. First and foremost, I have to start out by saying that I truly enjoy any chance I get to go visit Stuart, Jill and their family at Trap't Escape Room. I've found this to be true with almost all escape room owners that I have met but this is especially true with Stuart and his family! This was about my 5th or 6th trip down too Trap't (I've played all of their experiences and it's not a short drive for me by any means) so that should speak some volume about the experiences they have built. Onto Huxley. Wow. This was my second VR escape room experience, with my first being Escape the Lost Pyramid (also at Trap't). Both experiences were played on a wireless HTC Vive Pro Headset. Trap't takes the time to get you all squared away and comfortable prior to you experience starting. Your gamemaster will take the time to explain step by step detail and make sure you have an understanding of what you are doing. I have a lot of escape room experience but the two people that joined me for Huxley were newbies and they had no problems whatsoever. For the game itself...the graphics displayed by the HTC and the world of Huxley were absolutely stunning. Huxley was heavily puzzle based which was a nice change around from the previous experience that I had played in VR. The puzzles were extremely clever and there was one puzzle that about three quarters of the way through the experience that I had an absolute blast doing. I felt as if I was manufacturing something futuristic and it was incredibly enjoyable. In closing, I highly recommend that you give Huxley a shot. My sister was a member of my group and this was her first VR escape room and only her third escape room ever. She was a bit nervous before hand and now she cannot stop talking about how great it was and that she cannot ever believe she was nervous. Enjoy!

JDog584, 4/16/19