★★★★★ - I took my girlfriend here to do the our first VR escape room experience. We did Escape the lost Pyramid. I was concerned my girlfriend would not enjoy the VR or have trouble getting used to it but she ended up loving it and I was surprised by how much you have to interact with the other person in order to progress. I was afraid since it was VR one person would be pulling the weight the whole time but it was really well balance because you need each other in order to progress through the experience. I also went another time for one of the regular escape rooms the mystery museum and it was a blast. We were a group of four and it was such a unique experience. I would definitely go again. I also love the fact that it is family run. The couple that runs it are so welcoming and hospitable and you can tell they really enjoy what they are doing. All that passion transfers into a great unique experience and I will definitely be back for more!

Jack C, 11/1/19