★★★★★ - “Best Hour and a Half with Whole Family in a Long Time!” I had heard about escape rooms in NYC and thought how fun they looked. But NYC is always a project to organize everyone for, and a lot of $ in parking and so on. So when a friend recently mentioned the new Trap't Escape Room Adventures in Stamford, (which is where we live), I was super excited to try it out. SO, for my husband's 50th birthday, I planned a whole weekend of entertainment, and the highlight (seriously!) was our 90 minutes at the Trap't Adventure. It was snowing like crazy outside, so we were nervous we'd be cancelled or something, but when my family arrived (my husband and I, and our three teenage boys, aged 19, 17 and 14), the owners were there to greet us, and could not have been more friendly and welcoming. We did the Museum Mayhem room, which was fantastic (you need no prior knowledge of art/art history). From start to finish, each member of my family was completely engaged. Periodically, the owner monitoring our room would chime in with a clue (which happened in the form of an announcement, both aloud and onscreen). I won't go into detail about the task (you'll have to find out details for yourself!), but I will tell you that we hadn't had that much collaborative fun in a long time! It was creative problem solving as a fam, and it culminated in a great sense of accomplishment, and a whole lot of fun. All of us had a blast (yes, the teenagers had a BLAST)! We will definitely return (and I'm excited to learn that they are in the process of adding additional escape rooms to their existing two). Final note - the owners/operators could not have been friendlier and more enthusiastic. And my husband LOVED this part of his 50th bday weekend!

Margie P, 1/27/17