★★★★★ - My friends and I had so much fun! We've done 6 Escape Rooms before and this place is definitely the most challenging! We did Museum Mayhem and did not find it easy... BUT what's great about this place is they want you to escape. So they offer unlimited clues which is so helpful! They even offered us a few extra minutes to escape which was so nice since we were struggling lol. Felt like they cared more about you having fun and solving the puzzles than just taking your money and sending you home after 60 minutes unlike other places I've been. Now the owners... Read so many good reviews about the owners and it's true. They are as wonderful as the reviews say they are. SO friendly and very helpful with the hints. We stayed after for at least 15-20 minutes just chatting. But what amazed me even more was the husband Stuart invented and built the rooms! If that's not talent I don't know what is. My friends and I will be going back to do the other rooms and because Jill and Stuart were such great people! Definitely recommend to other people!

Sabrina S, 9/24/17