★★★★★ - Had a great experience! I have been to two of their rooms with my friends and had a very fun time. Their rooms are very high tech, well designed, and very interesting. The first room that I went to was the abducted themed one; it was a very interesting theme and all the rooms were just the right amount of difficulty. We got out with a minute left and we all felt accomplished. The second room I went to this weekend which has only been open for three weeks and it was very well designed. It was time traveling theme which was very adventurous and the rooms were also very high tech and set the right atmosphere and mood. When you enter either one these escape rooms you feel like you are in a different world. I would recommend this to anyone who who would want to plan a day with their friends and have a good time. The escape rooms are a great place to bond and enjoy each others presence away from the outside world. Although is a bit on the pricy side I would definitely recommend this place to everyone!

Adarsh S, 10/1/17